Mosaic of opportunities


At the moment, the ravaging COVID-19 has become a dark menace of the world as many privately owned and government offices are experiencing what is known as a lag in activities. The pandemic has become epileptic and so many functions have crippled due to its effects.

However, what is the hope for individuals that are willing to take up opportunities to further advance their progress in personal development? Should this pandemic be an excuse or say a hindrance for young individuals that are willing to take up chances not to lag in their pursuit and strive for a better future?

This article will be addressing these questions and any other questions arising that may arise.

 No doubts, utilizing your time to better yourself is one of the greatest goals to pursue, and at some point, there might be some disturbances or restrictions to getting on with your plans. One of the posing hindrances that the whole world is experiencing at the moment is the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This virus has crippled the governing system in the world and also caused a lot of death. Nevertheless, as a youth, as you observe all necessary preventive measures outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO), you should also spend some valuable time looking at how your COVID-19 lockdown moments and post COVID-19 experience would be. 

Your focus should also be directed at sourcing for opportunities amidst this pandemic. As there are so many chances and opportunities that personal development companies and other organizations are throwing open, some for free and some at a super subsidized charge, you just have to channel your search in the right manner and harness your abilities to landing these opportunities. 

Let me take you on a ride through some reasons why COVID-19 should not be a reason for you to slow down on your chances of getting better and also why you should never denigrate any little chances to get ahead and doing.

Every minute still counts like other days:

 The world might be in lockdown, but your life is not in lockdown. Time is a factor that respects no man and it does not give a hoot no matter who you are. As days count on by in this period, life goes on and there is no way it pauses. It will only take that you come out of this pandemic and realize that nothing about your life paused and you wish you never played the blame game on the government or your community leaders.

 Save yourself from the “I wish I had” syndrome: 

Have you ever witnessed some moments in your life when you feel like you wish you had taken some opportunity at some point in your life or you get this feeling of regret and guilt for not acting up too quick with taking chances. Several people will come out of this pandemic and still find themselves drowning in the ‘I wish I had’ syndrome. As the world is on lockdown and you don’t have the chance to get doing with your regular life, this is the best time for you to prioritize your activities, have a breakdown of what you are willing to do for the day, search online for free courses and also other opportunities that will be thrown open, and other opportunities that are slowed down due to the effect of the novel coronavirus. It is no excuse as most programs are carried out through video conferencing platforms, and the basic fact is most of these courses or classes are thrown out free. In March, Digital Marketing Lab gave out free registration on a course that is worth $1,200, this and so many other opportunities are right there to be tapped.

Industry re-evaluation:

The United States recorded a huge number of individuals losing their job in this period and that sends no other signal but the fact that there would be so many evaluations of individuals who are not fuelling their growth to keep themselves relevant in their industry. Whether you are employed or unemployed, this is the best time to fortify your resume with certification courses that are related to your field.

Search for scholarship and fellowship opportunities: 

Another good suggestion is to keep yourself abreast of available fellowship opportunities. You can sign up with those organization’s newsletters to stay informed when there are opportunities that suit your preferences and situations. This is one of the best ways to keep you informed and updated with opportunities flying across the globe.

Get a mentor: 

You must have heard a thing or two about getting a mentor. It is advisable that when you intend to thread a path, look for someone already successful on that path. It will assist you when you begin your journey to self-discovery. A mentor will take you through all the process and save you the stress of falling into trying different things to see which works best. 

There is no better time to grasp opportunities and make the best out of it. This period will teach you all the self-discipline you ever thought of or wanted if you are determined to make good out of it. Set yourself on that pedestal to greater exploits and achievement by knowing what is best and the time it is best for you.

See you on the other side.

Remember, to achieve is to strive!

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