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The Young SEAkers Volunteer


The Young SEAkers is a non-profit organization that brings together vibrant, competent youths from the ASEAN region who are passionate about advancing the ASEAN-China region. Headquartered in Singapore, we have regional chapters across all 10 ASEAN countries. We boost SEAkers’ profiles with regular holistic and experiential programmes, such as intercultural exchange opportunities and learning journeys. Ultimately, we aim to nurture a community of talented ASEAN youth leaders who are equipped with cross-border competencies that enable them to tap on the full potential of the ASEAN-China region.


Job Type: Volunteer

Location: Brunei/Cambodia/Laos/Indonesia/Malaysia/Myanmar/Philippines/Thailand/Vietnam

Summary of role:

As the founding country chapter leader of The Young SEAkers (TYS), you will be developing, promoting and strategically growing the TYS community in your respective country.

A founding country chapter leader is well-connected, result-driven and hopelessly passionate about TYS’s vision of nurturing a critical mass of talented ASEAN youth leaders who are well-equipped with cross-border competencies and a regional mindset. A founding country leader is a builder that tirelessly creates new opportunities for themselves and others.

Foundation determines destiny. How each country chapter leader creates and moves a community of ASEAN-China savvy youths in their own home country will determine how far TYS can go as a truly regional organisation contributing to ASEAN’s future both within the region and with China. It takes strategic thinking, intense hustle, creativity, people’s skills and marketing savviness to build TYS from Zero to One in a new country. The founding of a country chapter would be an ongoing process lasting as long as the chapter creates new things.

You will be partnering an amazing group of ASEAN youths with the YEAH (Youthful, Energetic, Audacious, Hungry) qualities. These youths are trailblazers and will ignite the passion and power of youths to create positive momentum in the region. You will live a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t – knowing that your efforts have made a difference in fuelling economic growth in your country, and connecting your country to our shared Southeast Asian future.


  • You will ensure the strategic direction of the local country chapter is aligned to TYS’s mission and vision and expand the impact TYS’s in your home country.
  • You are in charge of developing, presenting and implementing the annual goals and objectives of your chapter’s TYS Game Plan.
  • You’re active within your community, which enables you to identify community champions. You recruit these people as part of your core team. You will train and empower them to lead the local chapter‘s various subcommittees, assisting you with the management of the country chapter’s programs and marshalling its resources efficiently.
  • You will explore local business development opportunities (sponsorships, partnerships, co-marketing, and talent pipeline provision) and maintain positive relationships with ASEAN youths based in your country to increase awareness and grow your chapter membership.
  • You will identify major trends, issues, and/or challenges via ongoing interactions with community leaders and implement strategies to mitigate risks and enhance the TYS’s experience for your chapter members.


  • Hustler – you thrive under pressure and can perform in fast-paced environments
  • People person, you easily identify and network with the influencers of a city
  • Natural problem-solver – you can easily solve issues in a thoughtful, thorough and logical way
  • Reliable – you’re running the show in your city and you are the face of TYS in your country.
  • Mastery of the English & your native language Bonuses.
  • Prior experience in leadership roles in any setting.
  • History of implementing highly successful campaigns and events.
  • Success executing business development opportunities and negotiating partnerships.
  • Worked in a start-up environment

Apply by sending a CV, cover letter to Please direct any questions to or drop us a PM on our Facebook page (

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